Slique | DIY Facial Hair Removal Device

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Weave the thread through the iron hook located between the two handles. Insert the second bead into the opposite base from the inside out this time. Pull the thread to the edge of the handle on the same side of the threaded base, passing it through the canal from the outside. Cross the thread over the taut portion of the thread already in place, then wrap it around it 4 times. Press and release the handle gently a few times before using the device. Now it is ready for use. Insert the thread’s bead from the outside of the base inwards on either side. Place the thread under the canal of the second handle keeping in that position until step 7. Gently roll the thread from step 4 that was under the canal until it snaps into the canal. Assembling the thread